Heel Medicines

For a sustained recovery

Health is one of our most important assets, and the good thing is that a living organism can autoregulate. But sometimes, it may need support – which is where Heel natural medicines come in. Heel medicines take advantage of this potential, by helping to restore health naturally. 

Several natural ingredients activate, regulate, and modulate the body’s processes to foster healing. This multi-target approach of Heel medicines enables the organism to activate its autoregulatory capacity instead of merely suppressing the symptoms and signs of an illness. Heel multi-component medicines consist of natural ingredients in low concentrations, are therefore well-tolerated, and have minimal side effects. High-standard clinical studies have demonstrated that Heel medicines are effective and safe. 

This perfect combination is the reason why millions of doctors and patients trust Heel natural medicines when it comes to restoring health.


Helps resolve the inflammation. So you can #keepmoving.

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Your way to calm. Efficient, natural help for your daily challenges.

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Boosts your immune system. Naturally.

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Vertigo? Not with me!

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  • Euphor­bium®

    Fights common cold viruses and protects the nasal mucosa from dehydration.

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  • Lympho­myosot®

    Natural support for draining organs, including the lymphatic system. 

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  • Spascupreel®

    Improves spasmodic disorders.                                                                                     

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  • Zeel®

    Supportive healing of joints.                                

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  • Viburcol®

    Gentle relief for your child  - soothes restlessness and irritability caused by illness.                                                      

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More Heel medicines

Heel offers a wide range of natural medicines for the treatment of different diseases. For more information on Heel products, please select your country and learn about Heel products locally.   

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